If you are looking to increase fitness and lose weight – especially your baby weight, then The Leading Edge is the fitness and nutrition provider for you!

12 Week Challenge – Weight Loss, Increased Fitness

I wanted to thank you for my amazing breakthroughs and my success during the 12 Week Challenge. I was so pleasantly surprised that I had the several unexpected “Aha” moments and I am delighted because I now have a completely different outlook to my marriage with food and what it actually really means for my body.

I was extremely pleased about was that it wasn’t just a diet and exercise plan done by some skinny fitness person saying if you eat this and do that then you will lose weight, there was an understanding of the mental side of things, a clear process that most people must go through because as the weeks progressed, and I had different mental challenges, such as needing extra motivation and how to draw that from within, your emails would arrive with information on motivation, or triggers and how to deal with them, it all seemed to arrive just when I was experiencing those mental barriers and it was awesome to be able to break through them. So I thank you, I couldn’t have done it on my own. – Sandra



I’ve lost 7kg and the biggest change is the 9cm lost around my waist and 10cm from my hips. I no longer have that horrible bloated feeling. I’ve noticed an increase in energy as I am eating a lot healthier. The easiest thing was having everything done for me with the online nutrition programme on the website. Doing the exercise programme in combination with the Kettlebell classes means that I too can actually see some definition in areas which is a great feeling.

People have commented on how great George and I are looking. I (secretly like) hearing how skinny I look but it’s always a positive skinny not a “you’re starving yourself skinny”. George has guys at work telling him how ‘ripped’ he’s looking and are asking him how he’s managed to do it? – Melinda




With an upcoming wedding I decided to put all I had into looking my best. It was daunting to take on the commitment of the 12 week challenge but I’m so glad I did. It’s been an invaluable phase in my journey to a new healthier, fitter and happier me. It’s provided me a wealth of knowledge, particularly around more effective training and diet tips and tricks. It’s also given me my waist back! I’ve lost 10cm off my waist and 7cm off my hips, feel and look noticeably more toned and also feel much stronger. I know this is not something I would have achieved with diet alone. – Clare

Kettlebell Training

nikita-200pixI absolutely love Kettlebell training with Lorraine. I started back in 2012 and throughout my life I’ve always loved to exercise. After joining gyms, doing classes and a range of other fitness training, I decided I needed to try something different, something that would really push me to make me stronger and fitter. So I looked around for a good trainer, somewhere local, baby friendly, and I found Lorraine. When I started training, Koby was 6 months old, now he is almost 2 and a half and kettlebells is still a regular part of our week. We both love it, physically, mentally and socially. He gets to run around with the other kids and I get to workout, its a win-win! We have become friends with so many lovely people and their kids. The best part about this type of training is the all over body workout that you get, we are always doing a different type of workout every session, it’s intense yet so much fun. The ongoing training and support from Lorraine is incredible, she has guided me with not only exercise but with nutrition aswell. I would highly recommend The Leading Edge, especially those who have children and find it hard to exercise, this is for you! – Nikita

I hadn’t really thought about doing any sort of fitness classes before, as I was a regular runner doing about 5kms three or four times per week and considered myself reasonably fit. My wife had started her Kettlebell classes with Lorraine and was raving about how good it was, and I could see the positive changes in her body due to the training she was doing at The Leading Edge. So I figured I’d give it a shot to see what all the fuss was about. At first I struggled to lift the lighter 8kg kettlebells, and it was when I saw that my wife was putting me to shame and lifting the heavier 16kg kettlebells, I thought to myself “I’m definitely not as fit as I think I am.” Sure all the running I was doing was good for my aerobic capacity, helped me lose some weight and improved my leg strength, but it did not give me that good all round level of fitness. As I continued with the classes, I gradually improved my upper body strength and was lifting the heavier kettlebells in no time at all. Mixed in with aspects of interval and resistance training, running and reviewing my diet, all of which Lorraine is incredibly helpful, insightful and supportive with, I started noticing the visible changes in my body, the muscle tone in my legs, arms and upper body, and just general strength which I did not have before. Plus the diverse range of exercises and equipment that Lorraine brings to each class certainly keeps all of us on our toes. The class atmosphere is great as there’s always a friendly bunch of people doing it all with me. And whilst Lorraine always pushes us to do better and keep improving, we certainly still manage to have a laugh together as well. It’s tough work getting up at 5:00am in the morning a few times a week to do it, but the rewards are well worth the effort! – Chris

I started training with The Leading Edge three years ago, after deciding to improve my lifestyle choices after the birth of my two children, to ensure that I was going to be around for them for a long time to come.  I thought I was in pretty good shape, after losing 20+kg and saw The Leading Edge classes being conducted in the local hall (Mernda) and thought I would give it a go.  After just one class with Lorraine I figured I was certainly not in the best shape at all, but that feeling after the first class just motivated me to work harder.  I have since completed Tough Mudder and also several other fitness challenges.  I also find the group training aspect of The Leading Edge to be the best part as this often inspires you to complete a harder workout than if training on your own. Recently with Lorraine’s diet program and nutritional guidance, I lost over 12kg in just 8 weeks and have never felt better.  In fact I have just started another 8 week program to kick start the next phase of my steps to a healthy lifestyle.  If you are thinking of taking your own steps to a healthy lifestyle, I highly recommend you call Lorraine, and start training with The Leading Edge Functional Fitness…………TODAY!!!! – Tim

I started training in Lorraine’s mum & bubs class 4 weeks ago following a couple of PT sessions & I absolutely love it. My journey to where I am today hasn’t been easy as 12 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy last year I discovered I had Pelvic Instability (pelvic girdle pain) for the second time around. My condition was so severe that I couldn’t leave the house as walking was unbearable & continued to be so 2 months post delivery. Weekly Pilates sessions with my physiotherapist during and after pregnancy have helped me to rehabilitate my pelvis and back. When my son turned 6 months old, I finally started to feel strong enough to tackle something more challenging as I wanted to regain fitness, strength and weight loss. This is where I met Lorraine. She has been wonderful in challenging me with safe exercises that raise my heart rate and improve my strength. I am very surprised at how far I have come in such a short time and have found the kettlebell training and total body workouts have been beneficial to my lower back pain which has plagued me for over a year. I still need to modify most of the exercises to prevent injury, but Lorraine always makes sure the modification gets my heart rate pumping. The 21 day nutrition kick start has also helped me shed some weight and justify my beliefs that clean wholesome eating and avoiding “low fat” marketed products helps maintain a sensible approach towards diet and nutrition. – Roslyn

Thank you for supporting us all like you do. You amaze me how you remember everyone’s injuries or complications and always take it into consideration. You push us without being aggressive, you are 100% committed to everything you do and it makes such a difference to us as your ‘students’. I LOVE the training we do and know from your classes that what you have created works for me. I like the group training and variety of classes. It’s nice to get up in the mornings and see familiar faces who have all done the same, laughter and sweat, and an awesome way to start the day. I know your classes will continue to grow Lorraine as you are more than just a gym class, you have a winning formula and it will attract the masses! Good luck, I know managing a business has many facets and can be overwhelming at times when you try to juggle the rest of your life as well, but you manage to meet us every morning with your smile and happiness and it is inspiring. –  Cath

In two and a half years of doing boot camp, I’ve never felt as connected as I have in your classes. You made me feel welcome and I always felt included and involved. You made exercise so enjoyable and personally satisfying. The atmosphere you create with your clients is very special and is extremely hard to find. I felt like you were talking just to me when you were encouraging and motivating us not just saying words. I was inspired to push beyond my limits continuously. Thank you so much. – Kara

I have never liked exercise but I am loving it!! It’s such a great group and you make everyone feel comfortable and support each of our different fitness levels. I actually missed training when you were away at the fitness convention and couldn’t wait to get back. Thank you for your constant support and motivation AND for making it fun!!! – Amber


I’d like to thank both Lorraine and Shanon for an awesome term. With their support and encouragement in class, I have lost a whopping 15.1kg. – Nicole





I am 27 years old and I have always been into fitness, I use to spend hours at the gym every week and never got the results or the one on one treatment I have received from Lorraine. I have been doing Kettlebell for 6 months and I have seen amazing results all over my body. I feel better inside and out, I am less tired and I can see how much my fitness has improved, to the point where I can now run 4-6K’s, without stopping and enjoying it at the same time. I feel more comfortable in my clothes while looking and feeling much stronger. Kettlebell is a fantastic way to get into shape, lose weight, lose inches, tone up and gain strength. I am positive I won’t try any other fitness programs. It is also enjoyable and energetic working out in a group atmosphere, as well as getting awesome results I have also met great people and enjoy a laugh while working out.  – Emma

What motivates me the most is the fact that I’m actually getting results! I’m fitting into my clothes better, I’m stronger and fitter plus it’s helping me with my back problem. I’m also enjoying it since it has become easier than when I first started which shows I’m improving. The constant variations in intensity and workout types ensure that monotony doesn’t creep in. I like the camaraderie of the group sessions. I benefit from the expertise of a very experienced trainer who is compassionate and caring, has a great sense of humour and a genuine concern for all participants.  – Eddie

 Since using Kettlebells I have lost weight, toned up and feel like a different person. I’m now more confident; enjoy shopping and wearing more stylish clothes. The classes are friendly, hard work but fun and with Lorraine’s personal touch and supervision you get to work at your own pace to achieve your own goals.   – Sue

 The technique is easy to pick up and the idea of low impact resistance training really appeals to me. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace. I am enjoying greater strength, fitness and overall health benefits. Lorraine’s continued contact out of class times is appreciated and promotes loyalty to a great programme.   – Clem

I just wanted to let you know how valuable I found the training over the past 18 months. As someone who is not really a running type, I found the kettlebell classes fantastic and improving my strength, overall fitness and health. The classes were always varied and interesting, and catered for a range of skill levels and ages. Lorraine and her team take a keen interest in all participants and the group training is highly recommended to anyone who is prepared to give it a go.  – Alison

Pilates / Stretch Classes

I am a seniors or so the blue card I have tells me. I have back and knee issues and when I started at Pilates with The Leading Edge my movement was impaired. My right knee was very swollen. I had a cortisone injection which took the swelling away, but then I had to learn to trust my knee again. The movements in Pilates are quite subtle but I could feel the benefits. Late last term Karla mentioned how good my squats were. Yeah!!! Still improving but not being so protective of my knee that had given me grief for months. My next goal is to improve my hip movement and flexibility. So… from having difficulty walking any distance and getting in and out of a chair as well as the prospect of surgery, my movement has improved significantly. I feel that I am looking after my mobility and health, and will make sure I fit Pilates into my lifestyle, as a priority. – Judy

Hi everyone, so I have been training with Lorraine at The Leading Edge for approx 2 years now. I run my own business from home (which causes me some high levels of stress) and like most mums I am very busy with kids sports etc during the week and weekend. After a session one day chatting with Lorraine about my daily stress levels – she suggested to me I try the Yoga class The Leading Edge offered with Frank. Whilst skeptical as to how yoga could really help me – I decided to give it a try – what did I have to lose!!! Well was I surprised – I have been taking the class for 4 weeks and already I have noticed a difference in my stress levels. I am loving how different my body is feeling – with just that one session per week where I can completely shut off to the world and concentrate on me and me alone. When else would I allow myself one hour out of my week to sit and meditate/relax??? I honestly recommend the class to anyone – Frank is extremely experienced and I honestly just find myself completely and utterly relaxed during the class which allows me to get through the week smoothly!!! – Katie

After breaking my right ankle in Jan 2014 I had slowly built up my strength to walk 5-10km which I enjoyed previously and was my aim in recovery. However I knew I still needed that something extra to strengthen my right ankle and build on my balance too. I decided to try Pilates, I needed low impact and someone who understood my limitations. I found The Leading Edge via Google and what a blessing it was, I contacted Lorraine who assured me Karla was the right person to assist and enhance my recover at my own pace. I have completed a term and I have found my balance on the right side and core strength has improved immensely, I didn’t realise how important the core was to overall balance not to mention the toning factor too. I can enjoy my Rock and Roll dancing again and walking without pain which I appreciate greatly. Karla, in a room of 5+ members can individualise the routine to suit your injury, abilities and even pregnancy which I think is great for expectant mums, she doesn’t highlight your situation but casts a watchful eye over each member. I am truly grateful to have found the Leading Edge and the wonderful team Lorraine has on board. – Julie Baker

As a nurse, I have suffered with neck and back pain for a number of years. I have been attending Pilates for four months and have noticed a significant improvement in strength and reduction in pain. I am no longer required to attend regular physiotherapy and osteopathy appointments, which is amazing! I continue to find Pilates extremely challenging and enjoyable. What a fantastic team at Leading Edge Fitness, thanks Lorraine, Petra and Karla. – Lisa Anderson

Some years ago I was advised to take up Pilates to help manage lower back pain. Within a short amount of time, I could definitely feel the increased strength in my back. Upon moving to Doreen I have been delighted to continue weekly Pilates with Lorraine. I am confident that Pilates has kept me so mobile allowing me to work the long hours that I do. Lorraine makes Pilates fun and challenging accommodating everyone’s individual needs.  – Glynis

After battling chronic lower back pain for 18 months, I had become frustrated after visiting a Chiropractor, Physio and Myotherapist at least once a week for 12 months with no improvement. Doing simple things like housework was very painful and my best option was sitting doing nothing. I joined Pilates and Stretch Therapy with Lorraine and after two classes she suggested a personalised stretching session. I could not believe the difference it made. I am doing the stretches myself 3times a week and the relief is incredible. I can even do housework again.  – Norma

What a wonderful impact Lorraine Dennis’s teaching has had on my physical well being. I am fortunate indeed to be part of her classes. With Lorraine’s guidance, you become ‘aware’ of the exercises you do; aware of the muscles you are using, aware of the effect on your whole body. The tools she gives you are lifelong enhancing and can be used in everyday life. Like our own individual lives, we all work at our own pace and intensity. It is the same for Lorraine’s classes. You work in a group and at the same time individually with her. Each of us is unique. So too is Lorraine’s teaching. Her work reflects her integrity and I could not recommend Lorraine and her teaching more highly.  – Maggie

Starting Pilates has been one of the best things I have ever done. As someone who has suffered from lower back pain from playing sport, Pilates has taught me how to strengthen my lower back and core muscles that I never even knew existed! The classes have been instrumental in improving my posture, my back and core strength and has allowed me to get through my pregnancy without back pain. The classes challenge you physically in a calm and relaxed environment.  – Tara

The Pilates / Stretch Combo classes offer a unique way to bring together the body and mind, it centres the thoughts and relaxes the whole of the body while still providing a great workout. When I get up on Monday morning after a class I feel great. I feel energised, relaxed and taller. The classes make it second nature to remember each day to stand tall as you do actually feel taller and lengthened. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone of any fitness or any age.  – Liz

Pregnancy Pilates and Yoga

Before my pregnancy I loved participating in exercise and wanted to keep fit and enjoy exercising while pregnant. I started the Pregnancy Pilates and Yoga when I was 13 weeks. It was a great class. Petra was a very good resource and not only did we do exercises specific to pregnancy, the exercises were aimed at giving us support and strategies for labour. We focussed on the importance of our pelvic floors and relaxation techniques during the yoga. Each week we built on the Pilates and Yoga positions which would best suit our bodies and make them stronger.  During my labour I utilized the breathing techniques and my body was strong enough to labour comfortably. Post birth I truly believe that my body has recovered so well due to the exercises I learnt in the class. It is fantastic to have an exercise class specific to pregnancy in the area and I thank the Leading Edge for offering this valuable class.  – Amy

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No previous experience necessary for our classes and they are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. See our timetable for group sessions or read more about private sessions for individual training.

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