Yoga – Turn Stress Into Success…

calming-the-mind-is-yoga-160pixThree evening classes per week

OK, hand on heart, let’s be honest here…in the fast pace of today’s world show me someone who can honestly say they don’t need to find a way to release stress? Yep, didn’t think so. We ALL can benefit from calming the mind chatter, breathe deeply, re-energise and focus and improve your outlook on life. Our Yoga sessions with Frank will offer you all of this plus so much more. Come on, find your inner yogi and take us up on our complimentary trial class offer.

Email me: or text 0400 081 123 to book.
Evening Sessions: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday @ 8pm

frank-yoga-200pixHere is what Frank says about his yoga sessions:

“My approach to teaching Yoga is based on the experience that can be felt when your mind pays full attention to your body. I like to see my sessions as a time in which, in a guided way, you can communicate with your body at a deep level… and derive a pleasurable experience from this! The practice of the Yoga poses is, for me, less about stretching a body part so far or holding a balance for an “x” amount time in order to get a sense of accomplishment, and more about approaching each pose with an attitude of exploration.”

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