Tips on a Healthy Easter!

So Easter is nearly here and like Christmas, it is the time of year when we tend to over-indulge and can gain weight or can go off track with our weight loss plan.

But I have some EGGCELLENT tips to help keep you on track and still make sure you have a great Easter – I hope you find these tips helpful!

  1. Pick ONE day over Easter to indulge. Kind of like a cheat meal day. It is much easier to recover from one bad day than 4!
  2. Eat your choccies early in the day before 3pm, you will be more likely to burn it off that way.
  3. Choose good quality chocolate over the cheap stuff. It’s likely to contain more cocoa that sugar.
  4. Try the ‘Sweet William’ Easter Chocolate range if you are on a gluten free diet. They are also nut and dairy free, and contain no added sugar, so are suitable for diabetics.
  5. Go with dark chocolate eggs they can have around 50% less sugar than milk chocolate eggs.
  6. Eat your eggs after a high protein meal, it will help prevent a spike in insulin and you will also be less likely to eat too many of them.
  7. For a treat go for Wholegrain hot cross buns. They have more fibre than the white ones, so will be more filling and again you will eat less of them. You can get them from the bakery, they also have less preservatives than the supermarket ones.
  8. Don’t rely on Gluten Free hot cross buns as a healthier alternative, they may have just as much, if not more added sugar than your regular ones.
  9. Stick to smaller sized eggs. A big Easter bunny can have as many as 1000 calories, whereas the small hollow eggs only have about 50 calories.
  10. If youre the type of person that’s scared of slipping up if you break your healthy eating plan, have a healthy chocolate protein shake instead and add some raw cacao, its full of antioxidants and no added sugar.
  11. Or, eat some raw cacao nibblies as a treat instead. High in antioxidants, and abundant in minerals, also sugar free.
  12. Set aside a moment to enjoy your Easter treat. Chew it slowly, savour it. Guilt free.

Enjoy it, it’s only once a year!

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