Motivation Monday 16 June 2012

Hi All,

Welcome to the second last week of this term…

Thanks to all who came along and shared dinner with our group on Friday night, we all had a fun night.  It’s great to learn more about everyone’s lives outside of our classes…  We do this towards the end of each term, so if you were unable to make last week hopefully you can join us next time.

We are going to be at the Mernda Village Community Fair this coming Sunday from 12-4pm, come along and see us at Buttercross Park, just near the new Woolworths.

If you are still interested in joining our team for the ‘Relay for Life’ to raise funds for cancer research on 14 & 15 September, you can still do so.  Please let me know before the end of term so as I can add your name to our team list.  It’s a great way to ‘give back’ to the community and raise money for a worthwhile cause.

This week’s topic of interest is based around a quote I just love “Learn to Love your Failures” – I hope you gain much from the following information.

Don’t be a Perfectionist

If you go through life afraid to make a mistake, you’ll spend most of your life doing absolutely nothing. There is no harm in making mistakes, it is an essential part of going forward. The more responsibility you take on, the more likely you will make mistakes.

If you feel the need to avoid mistakes at all costs, it becomes a psychological barrier to taking risks. If you make a mistake, don’t retreat into a shell

Don’t Waste Time Trying to Justify Mistakes

Unfortunately, it is our natural instinct to try to justify our actions. When you make a mistake, the initial reaction is to blame someone else.

When mistakes are made, people affected are unlikely to be interested in justifications. We justify mistakes for the sake of our ego. Sometimes it is best to say, very simply — yes, I made a mistake.

Understand Why The Mistake Occurred

Mistakes occur for various reasons. To avoid repeating them, you need to understand the underlying reason.

For example, you may have spoken in anger and haste; the mistake here is to say unkind words. However, what led you to be angry in the first place? Perhaps you were chronically tired, or perhaps you were nursing an unrelated grievance. If you make mistakes because you are permanently tired, try to get more sleep; if you are permanently stressed, look at ways to relax and detach from the stress of work.

Avoid Repeating Mistakes

You should avoid feeling guilty about making mistakes, but at the same time, you should make a resolution to learn from them. If you repeat the same mistakes, it shows you aren’t making progress and causes repeated suffering.

Often mistakes are caused by bad habits. To avoid making the same mistakes you need to break these bad habits. This requires careful consideration and sustained effort to change your way of thinking. However, the sooner you change your habits, the sooner you will avoid making the same mistakes.

Mistakes are Opportunities to Learn

From your own mistakes you can gain wisdom and accelerate self-improvement. Mistakes, because of their relationship with risk taking, are essential to success. The important thing is to view mistakes as a useful stepping stone to a higher reality and better outlook on life.

Train hard, have fun!


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