Melinda’s Pre Birth Blog

melinda-39-weeks-200pixI’ve been training with The Leading Edge throughout my pregnancy, up until 38 weeks. Even though I’ve felt more than capable to this point, now at 39 weeks I know my body needs the rest. There are a multitude of reasons to have kept me motivated throughout, however what has mattered the most to me is how I’ve felt on the inside. Yes I have had the negative effects of pregnancy such as the sore lower back, and the loss of energy, but they have not been anywhere near as severe compared to my first pregnancy. I’ve had absolutely no hip pains and have been able to sleep comfortably until just last week, things I know is due to keeping fit.

As well as keeping active, I’ve kept my ‘diet’ under control. I’ve had times when my hunger felt out of control, but I was not prepared to let myself starve, so I did my best to eat the best foods I could to nourish myself as well as a growing baby. And yes, there were more times than usual when the voice in my head said “you’re pregnant, just eat it. No-one will know”.

With the inevitable changes in my body it’s been a challenge to stay positive and motivated but training with the right people has made it so enjoyable. I can’t wait to get back into training again!

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