Melinda’s 7-Week Post Birth Blog

Melinda-7weeks-200pixIt’s been 7 weeks since I gave birth to Nikoletta, my second child and I’ve been back training for a week now.

I have been counting down the weeks to my 6 week post birth checkup and I thought this moment to return to training would never come, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last trained as I stopped at 38 weeks into my pregnancy so really I’ve had 8 weeks of no real exercise.

I’m definitely feeling less fit than before but it’s just motivating me to keep trying harder to get back to where I was. Even though I’ve only been back for a week, I feel I am already basking in the rewards of my effort. I am able to maintain a deeper sleep between being woken up for night feeds, as well as feeling less tension in my shoulders and back after carrying a baby around.

I’m absolutely loving being back at training. I feel less sluggish and because I’m doing something just for me, I’m feeling less stressed. Happy Mum, Happy Wife, Happy Life!

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