Holiday Fitness Tips

Holiday Fitness Tips

Here’s my top five reasons to keep your fitness up over the holidays:

1. New Year’s Goals

Remember those intentions you set in January? There’s no reason to give up now. Continuing your workout plan will go a long way towards achieving your goals – even with all the holiday treats.

2. Photo Memories

You work really hard throughout the year, so keep it going during the holidays! When you put in the hard yards over the silly season, you can look back on your summer snapshots and admire that toned tummy and lean legs.

3. De-stress

Working out over the holidays is one of my secret weapons for staying level-headed through traffic, parking dramas, last minute shopping and family “fun”. After a workout, your body is flooded with happy little hormones called endorphins – taking you away from the turkey meltdown into a much more peaceful state of mind.

4. A Whole Lot of Energy

It’s really important to eat well for optimum energy levels as you power through the Christmas party marathons. Our bodies can only work with what we give them. If you make poor food choices, you will look and feel more exhausted than you did before your break. Stay focused and keep it clean. Exercise also promotes more energy, so opt for early morning workouts to pump you up for the day ahead.

5. More Socialising

When you think about skipping your workout, remember all the parties you still have to attend and how amazing you want to look at each one of them.

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