Fit Tips – Think your self fit

Think your self fit. Use the power of your mind to become stronger, slimmer and healthier. You can do it!

A recent research article I read highlights what we often talk about in class, that is to visualise what muscles you are working to engage them further to get more work from them = better results. Here’s a little snippet.

  1. Improve your fitness & performance – Those in the study who visualized themselves lifting heavier weights during their rest periods found they could do more reps than the others who didn’t.
  2. Tell yourself you love love love to exercise – your body is designed to move you away from pain, so if you tell yourself you hate working out then you’re linking exercise to pain and you wont train.
  3. Think of your goals – take a few minutes preparing your body and mind. Your brain is programmed to reach golas. Visualise how you’ll feel when you reach one of your targets. Think of the accomplishment, achievement and satisfaction.
  4. Reach your ideal weight – Believe you can do it. Connect to the feelings you’ll experience when your body is carrying less weight, such as being more toned and feeling more energized. Thinking positively can release the ‘feel good’ hormones which can stop you from comfort eating.
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