Fit Tips – 10 Fat melting foods

Each newsletter I try to share with you bits of advice that can really make a big difference. Here are some more that you may find interesting…

10 Fat melting foods

  • Apples – this tasty fruit is packed with the filling fibre lectin
  • Eggs – cheap and filling. Eggs are a great source of protein.
  • Spinach – Full of iron, spinach has detoxifying powers to help zap that spare tyre
  • Oats – Heart and waistline friendly, oats are low GI and stop you from snacking in between meals
  • Blueberries – The antioxidant rich skin is also low in sugar for a guilt free fix
  • Nut butter – Push peanut butter to the side and spread your toast with brazil nut or almond butter for an omega 3 kick
  • Chilli – this pepper has proven metabolisim boosting properties
  • Avocadoes – These green gods are a great source of body-firendly mono-unsaturated oils
  • Beans – Kidney, pinto and butter beans are all Low GI and packed with filling fibre
  • Sweet Potato – Ranked near the bottom of the GI scale, sweet potatoes are a nutrient powerhouse, loaded with vitamin C and fibre
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