Client Profile: Roslyn

ros-profile-200pixI started training in Lorraine’s mum & bubs class 4 weeks ago following a couple of PT sessions & I absolutely love it. My journey to where I am today hasn’t been easy as 12 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy last year I discovered I had Pelvic Instability (pelvic girdle pain) for the second time around. My condition was so severe that I couldn’t leave the house as walking was unbearable & continued to be so 2 months post delivery.

Weekly Pilates sessions with my physiotherapist during and after pregnancy have helped me to rehabilitate my pelvis and back. When my son turned 6 months old, I finally started to feel strong enough to tackle something more challenging as I wanted to regain fitness, strength and weight loss. This is where I met Lorraine. She has been wonderful in challenging me with safe exercises that raise my heart rate and improve my strength. I am very surprised at how far I have come in such a short time and have found the kettlebell training and total body workouts have been beneficial to my lower back pain which has plagued me for over a year. I still need to modify most of the exercises to prevent injury, but Lorraine always makes sure the modification gets my heart rate pumping.

The 21 day nutrition kick start has also helped me shed some weight and justify my beliefs that clean wholesome eating and avoiding “low fat” marketed products helps maintain a sensible approach towards diet and nutrition.

– Roslyn

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