Client Profile: Nikita

nikita-200pixI absolutely love Kettlebell training with Lorraine. I started back in 2012 and throughout my life I’ve always loved to exercise. After joining gyms, doing classes and a range of other fitness training, I decided I needed to try something different, something that would really push me to make me stronger and fitter. So I looked around for a good trainer, somewhere local, baby friendly, and I found Lorraine.

When I started training, Koby was 6 months old, now he is almost 2 and a half and kettlebells is still a regular part of our week. We both love it, physically, mentally and socially. He gets to run around with the other kids and I get to workout, its a win-win! We have become friends with so many lovely people and their kids. The best part about this type of training is the all over body workout that you get, we are always doing a different type of workout every session, it’s intense yet so much fun. The ongoing training and support from Lorraine is incredible, she has guided me with not only exercise but with nutrition as well.

I would highly recommend The Leading Edge, especially those who have children and find it hard to exercise, this is for you!

– Nikita

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