Client Profile: Linda & Jordan

jordan-linda-200pixMy teenage daughter Jordan and I decided that we would like to do some form of exercise together but we would have to find something that would suit the both of us. We started looking into the local gyms but Jordan would be starting to use weights for the first time so I wanted to make sure she was taught how to use them correctly and with supervision. I had stopped exercising since going back to work full-time and had put on quite a few kilos so I needed to do something that would not only motivate me but also really challenge me. I had been to some of Lorraine’s classes a few years earlier and noticed that there were people of all ages, so decided to look into what classes The Leading Edge was running that would suit both Jordan and myself. We decided to try the “Total Body Workout” class. This class is great, it challenges both of us and there is so much variety, each week is different so we don’t get sick of doing the same workout week after week. I love that Lorraine accommodates for injuries by offering alternative exercises and continually watches everyone to make sure the exercises are done correctly so that you are constantly working at your best. Jordan and I both walk away from our classes feeling like we have had a really good workout and really enjoy doing our workouts together. The Leading Edge is a great environment for people of all ages and different fitness levels and we are now totally motivated to keep working harder to get fitter and healthier.

– Linda

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