Client Profile: Leah

leah-hoare-200pixI began training with The Leading Edge this time last year and I absolutely love it! I have always been involved in sport, playing netball, tennis and running. I then felt my body required something extra, but I wasn’t sure what it was.

After completing a half marathon in July last year, I decided I would eventually love to try and complete a full marathon. As I was overweight, I thought I wouldn’t focus on the marathon until I got my body into shape. I was thinking about joining a local gym but then reminded myself I had done that in the past and really lacked the motivation in going. That’s when I contacted Lorraine and I have never looked back.

Lorraine suggested trying kettlebell training which sounded very interesting. At the start I was training twice a week but soon afterwards increased it to three times a week as it is great for a complete body workout. I really enjoy the group training sessions as everyone is so motivated. Lorraine is always there for support and encourages me to reach my goals.

I don’t think I have come home from a session yet where I haven’t said to my partner “that was a hard class” and I have felt on top of the world.

I highly recommend training with Lorraine at The Leading Edge, its challenging and every class is different.

– Leah

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