Client Profile: Cara

I’ve had chronic back pain for 17 years and it is really difficult to describe to people how hard daily life can get when you have this constant, indescribable, undiagnosed pain. It becomes an emotional and physical burden.cara-200pix

Having gone through many treatment plans and not finding any solutions to my ongoing pain, I came to the conclusion that I really had to just soldier on with it and decided that I didn’t want it to affect my ability to do exercise to keep myself fit and healthy.

I had been doing pilates and yoga for years and had decided to do something a little more challenging…I then found Lorraine! I started Kettlebell training about 18 months ago and have never looked back. Every class is so diverse, offering a combination of strength, core, cardio and high intensity training. Lorraine has been an absolutely amazing trainer, she’s inspiring, passionate, driven and though she works you hard, it’s all for your own benefit and she is really committed to her clients getting results which I really admire.

She has always been there to help me modify exercises or support me through training sessions, given my ongoing back problems. I’m eternally grateful for her being able to help me overcome the challenges I’ve experience in relation to my back pain in order to make me a stronger, fitter and healthier person.

– Cara

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