Bye Bye Bloat

Is your belt buckle feeling a little snug? Lose centimeters in just few hours with these deflating tips…

Scrutinise your sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners can make you swell. They are hard to digest and sit in the gut where they ferment and release gase. Sorbitol and Xylitol are particularly blameworthy.

Boost the good bacteria

Boosting your diet with probiotics – the friendly bacteria helps keep the growth of gas producing organisms in your gut in check.

Slow down your eating

If you tend to gobble, gulp and go – rethink your eating habits. Eating on the move or too quickly, can make you swallow a lot of air. Chewing gum, smoking and talking whilst eating may have a similar effect. Try to eat slowly and consciously, being stressed can interfere with digestion too.

Exercise the excess

Working out will help the battle against the bloat as it helps to kickstart your metabolisim. Something as simple as a brisk walk after a meal may help your stomach to feel more settled.

Go easy on the alcohol

Ever noticed how puffy you look after a big night? Because alchohol is a diuretic it depletes your body of fluids which can lead to constipation – a common culprit of bloating.

Cut the caffeine

Forgo the coffee and you’ll feel lighter. Caffeine slows digestion and can also lead to constipation and the accompanying discomfort.

Hydration is the key

Staying hydrated is the key to preventing bloating – but while water will help keep it at bay, soft drinks will certainly bring it on. Fizzy drinks release carbon dioxide into your intestinal tract, making it feel like you’ve swallowed a balloon. So keep it plain and natural. Two litres a day will keep your system working smoothly.

Say no to salt

If you’re retaining fluid, you’re probably bloated too. Cutting down on salt is one solution. Eating more potassium rich foods such as avocadoes, bananas, yoghurt and salmon will help to counterbalance sodium

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