Abs are made in the Kitchen – Lorraine & Shanon’s 8 week challenge…


Training hard and looking after myself and my family’s health and well being are both vitally important to me. At 43 yo, I honestly feel the fittest and strongest I have felt in my whole life.

I really want to keep my strong, fit and healthy body but I also want flat abs. Everyone has an area of their body that they feel they could improve and for me its no different.

I will accompany Tom on a business trip in January to Thailand and I decided that I really want to wear a bikini whilst lazing by the pool or on the beach. I haven’t worn a bikini since 1992 when we first married. The reason being that I felt my abs didn’t look as good as they could and feeling bloated a lot of the time was certainly contributing to that.

So when Shanon and I discussed the fact that we both were tired of ‘the bloat’ we decided to embark on our own 8 week challenge to really kick this situation for good.

Within the first week of our ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ challenge as I named it, we both noticed a big difference in our abs with that bloated feeling completely gone. We are enjoying the structure of the nutrition program and to not feel bloated is priceless.

In the process we are teaching our bodies how to burn fat more readily as its energy source which will allow a more toned and chiseled look all over, not just in our abs.

We wanted to share our journey with you and have made our photos and stats public (scroll down) so you too can see how this program really does work. It has for us and it can for you too.


For such a long time now I have been feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

I was the first one of my group of friends to have a child in my early twenties. I feel like I’m always the one having to suck my tummy in and wear clothing to hide it rolling over the top of my pants, having flat stomach envy towards my friends.

Yes I am fit and healthy at the moment, its part of my job. I feel there is always something to work on. Surely this isn’t how it has to be constantly feeling yukky and full, or not full but still bloated.

After one week, I already feel a difference. My stomach feels flatter and I’m not doing the “hold it in” movement all the time. I want a flat tummy, for me and for me only, so I can feel good. Its something I had before having my son and I want to claim it back.


Week 1

Lorraine Shanon
Weight 53kg 65kg
Belly Button 71.5cm 86cm
Hips 83cm 89cm
Chest 82cm
Thigh 50.5cm 58cm
Arm 25cm 30cm

 Week 2

Lorraine Shanon
Weight 51.7kg 63.6kg
Belly Button 70cm 81cm
Hips 79cm 89cm
Chest 82cm
Thigh 50.5cm 58.5cm
Arm 24.5cm 31cm

 Week 3

Lorraine Shanon
Weight 51.9kg 63.5kg
Belly Button 70cm 82cm
Hips 79.5cm 56cm
Chest 79.5cm
Thigh 50.5cm 56cm
Arm 25.5cm 29cm


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