6 Week Challenge Success Story – Sara & Chris

Chris and I decided to take the 6 Week Challenge as a couple, to support each other and get our health and nutrition on track.  Whilst we don’t really eat that badly, portion sizes and some bad food choices over the years had left us feeling frumpy and wanting to look and feel better for ourselves and our family.

For me, the timing was perfect, a six week commitment sounded achievable and it would give me a head start into the festive season.  I lost 5kg over the six weeks and have almost dropped a dress size.

I had a depressing moment on the weekend when I had to go out to dinner and had nothing to wear – because everything in my wardrobe was all too big for me!  People I haven’t seen for a while have commented on how good I look which makes me feel proud of my achievement. Chris is also getting positive feedback from family and friends, which is well deserved, not bad for a bloke!

Why does it work?  The nutrition plan really helps you to eat the right foods to nourish your body, you actually eat quite a lot and feel satisfied with every meal.  There were plenty of options to choose from which meant we ate a great variety of meals and snacks.  I also increased my training sessions from three to four classes per week, and really noticed the difference.  Lorraine’s training sessions are awesome, I love the challenge she brings to each and every class, no workout is the same.

Throughout the challenge, I really felt I was improving in strength and tone each week. Lorraine has been a great support, she has a wealth of knowledge across fitness and nutrition and was able to share this in an inspiring and motivating way, even giving one-on-one advice to really guide me to achieve my goals.

It may sound silly, but having to report my progress each week helped me to maintain my focus and ensure I didn’t cheat myself out of achieving my goals.  For me, this six weeks has kicked off a lifestyle change that I will maintain and build upon. I now fit into a pair of jeans I haven’t worn since before I had my children and that feels amazing. Bring on the bikini!

– Sara

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