6 Motivation Boosters

As you all know, I’m a massive fan of exercise – for the benefits it has on so many different levels, not just the physical. Motivation can’t be counted on to be there for you constantly to keep you on track with exercising and making health lifestyle choices.  Sometimes you just have to go into robot mode, get up, put on your runners and get out the door to class and move.  Consistency is far more important and reliable in achieving your long term goals. Don’t think, just do – just get on with it!

Here are some tips to help keep your motivation…

  • Set yourself a goal – targeting small, achievable goals, such as losing a kilo a fortnight or fitting into a favourite dress in a month will keep your momentum going.
  • Write it down – Putting your goals on paper can help clarify what you really want. Write down what you hope to achieve and the steps you’ll take to get there. Then keep a record of the efforts you’re making to reach your targets.
  • Follow a friend – match your habits to a healthy person you admire. Join them for a workout, or ask for clean eating recipes to give you a boost.
  • Take on a challenge – it’s a good idea to set a goal that’s unrelated to your appearance such as running in a fun run, or on obstacle race such as the ones we have been involved in – can really add an extra level to your training.
  • Invest in a new kit – A few slick pieces of exercise gear will encourage you to head out to class to train when you’re motivation is a little low.
  • Train with intensity – Always give every training session everything you’ve got to keep those results happening, nothing breeds success like success.
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