12 Week Challenge – Read about a recent success story

Our most recent 12 Week Challengers have just finished with some really outstanding results. Within the group there was a total of 41kg lost and 216.5cm. Awesome! Well Done to all. Please read on to hear what one of the girls had to say…

I wanted to thank you for my amazing breakthroughs and my success during the 12 Week Challenge.

I was so pleasantly surprised that I had the several unexpected “Aha” moments and I am delighted because I now have a completely different outlook to my marriage with food and what it actually really means for my body.

I was extremely pleased about was that it wasn’t just a diet and exercise plan done by some skinny fitness person saying if you eat this and do that then you will lose weight, there was an understanding of the mental side of things, a clear process that most people must go through because as the weeks progressed, and I had different mental challenges, such as needing extra motivation and how to draw that from within, your emails would arrive with information on motivation, or triggers and how to deal with them, it all seemed to arrive just when I was experiencing those mental barriers and it was awesome to be able to break through them. So I thank you, I couldn’t have done it on my own.

– Sandra

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