12 Week Challenge – Another success story

If you need that extra bit of motivation, support and guidance to help you stick to your new year’s resolutions of eating better, exercising more and feeling healthier, the 12 Week Challenge which will kick off in late January will help you achieve all this plus more.  Read another success story here and contact Lorraine if you would like to join the next group.

I started classes with The Leading Edge with specific goals in mind. I wanted to become fitter, lose some body fat and tone.  Lorraine and The Leading Edge team gave me the inspiration, encouragement and education that I needed to begin to achieve my goals.

Participation in their 12 Week Challenge gave me the opportunity to challenge myself to complete what I had started, and thanks to this I have a new outlook on life.  Second week into the challenge I realised food was the most important thing I was doing wrong. I was a regular meal skipper, and then found myself eating late at night. I made some changes and its been the key to my success so far.

The online meal planner is excellent. Its so easy to use, and with lots of different recipes for all tastes – the chicken parm was my fave 🙂 The weekly emails accompanied with home exercise routines and group classes are fantastic and really helped me get through each week. The program is simple to follow and easy to incorporate into a hectic lifestyle.

I feel better than I have for years, and I have Lorraine to thank for this. I was one of those people who never had breakfast, I’m happy to say I can’t go without it now 🙂

– Antoinette

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