10 Reasons To Not Give Up On Exercise

As spring and summer approach, a lot of people start working on their “summer bodies”. Here are a few words of encouragement for those that try hard but simply can’t seem to lose weight (as fast as they may like).

Deciding to lose weight – or to start exercising – is the easy part. Keeping it up week after week, month after month is where things get hard — especially if you don’t see the results you want.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you throw in the towel.

1. Some bodies simply lose weight slower

If you do not see results in the first few weeks, it doesn’t mean you are not losing weight. We see this happen at the gym at times, and even though it’s annoying, there is nothing you can do except keep going.

2. More is not always more

When you lose weight slowly, it is tempting to add more and more exercise in the hope of losing weight faster. It does not work, it burns you out, and you’ll lose motivation. Think up a realistic exercise plan (preferably with the help of an expert) and stick to it.

3. There are other benefits aside from weight loss

Even if you do not lose weight, there is always a benefit: you get fit. Daily exercise keeps you in great condition and you will feel healthier.

4. You can keep it fun

The worst thing you can do is choose something you don’t like simply because you think it’ll bring fast results. It won’t. You’ll do it for a week or two then give up. Choose something that works for you and that you can stick with.

5. You aren’t gaining weight

As long as you exercise, you are not gaining weight, which is a result in itself.

6. Variation is key

Don’t do the same exercises day in and day out. Your body will adapt to these exercises and will burn calories slower.

7. Even walking is beneficial

Walking is key with slow burners. A short walk a day makes you happy and keeps your digestive system working.

8. Starting the day with a workout is a wonderful thing

Starting the day with a any form of exercise — group training, a jog, or even that walk we just  suggested — is wonderful. It clears your mind, gets you going, and kickstarts your digestive system.

9. Taking a day off is a good thing

Training non-stop all day every day is not good for your health, and could even lead to breaking down muscles instead of growing them. It is also mentally unhealthy to never have a day off. Your brain will enter a “there is no end to this” mode and you will start resenting exercise. Over training is harmful for the mind as well as the body. Take some time to rest and recover.

10. There will be results in the end

Everyone that sticks at it – despite not seeing results as quick as they may have hoped — found that one day their pants weren’t as tight fitting. Then gradually all their clothes feel a little larger. Without even noticing, people often lose those few kilos they have been working on. Stick with it and eventually you will get results.

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