If you are looking to increase fitness and lose weight – especially your baby weight, then The Leading Edge is the fitness and nutrition provider for you!

Lorraine Dennis

I have been actively involved in the health and fitness industry for the last 24 years in Australia and overseas. Having studied and trained extensively I have earned valuable qualifications and hands on experience allowing me to offer you the very best in training.

I am passionate about providing fitness and nutrition advice whether it be via Yoga, Pilates, Kettlebell Fitness Classes or a healthy nutrition program tailored to you.  I am confident when you join the Leading Edge you will achieve your fitness goals.

My goal, is to help you to discover how you can change the way you feel about your body. I will encourage and motivate you to achieve your best, in a friendly and supportive environment and will often be training right alongside you, thus living the mantra “Practice what you preach”.

As a busy Mum and wife, I know only too well the time constraints we all have in life which is why I plan to give you the most productive training sessions. Your time is precious and I want you to maximise it with efficient workouts. Outside of class I am always available by phone, email or text to assist you on your journey in whatever way I can.

My Qualifications:
– Cert III and IV Australian Fitness – Personal Training, Older Adults & Children
– Certified Kettlebell Teacher – International Kettlebell Fitness Federation
– Girevoy Sport Instructor Level 1 and 2 – International Kettlebell Strength Training Academy (Only 1 of 4 females in Victoria)
– PilatesPunchfit InstructorInstructor – PEAK Pilates and Pilates Institute – Therapeutic Muscle Stretching – Reformer Based – Fitzroy Pilates
– Stretch Therapist and Teacher – National Association of Stretch Therapists
– Massage Therapist – Australian Institute of Applied Sciences
– Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. – CHEK Institute
– Senior First Aid – Parasol EMT – Metafit Coach- MetaPWR Coach- Punchfit Boxing Coach


Frank Martinez

I have been practising Yoga in various styles for the last 10 years. In 2010, after a 12 month course, I obtained a Diploma as a Yoga Teacher from the Australian College of Classical Yoga under the direction of Swami Shantananda.

Both in my personal practice as well as in my classes, I try to incorporate various aspects of the yogic experience: a mindful approach to the poses as a way to extract the multiple benefits they provide at a physical level; breathing as an essential element for body and mind awareness and meditation as the ultimate tool for reaching a balanced state of mind.





Iain Dickson


Hi, my name is Iain. I originally come from Glasgow, Scotland but have been in Melbourne for the past 7 years. I am a PE teacher by trade for the past 11 years. I also became a Metafit trainer 3 years ago when Metafit first arrived in Australia. I love the fact Metafit is quick, easy and highly effective. I also did a Bachelor of Science in Physiology & Sport Science at University and had my Creatine Supplementation study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine. I have always been active and sporty since I was a wee boy. Now through my job and taking Metafit classes I can help others maintain a healthy & active lifestyle. Passing on my passion for sport and exercise is something I love doing and helping others achieve their goals through exercise is so rewarding.






Teaching/working in fitness for 10 years. I began as a group fitness instructor, instructing older adults and kids. I eventually ventured into Personal training, however found teaching groups and group fitness was were my main passion held.  Teaching group ex, then inspired me to narrow my exercise science and psychology degree towards becoming a qualified secondary school, Health & Physical Education teacher. My journey in the fitness industry had also given me opportunities to teach cert III and IV in fitness at the Australian Institute of fitness, The Victorian Fitness Academy and the Australian Fitness Academy.


  • Bachelor Applied Science (Exercise Science and Physical Education)
  • Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness
  • Current CPR and First Aid
  • Pilates Advanced Matwork
  • Pilates pre and post natal
  • Les Mills – Body vive, Body Jam, Body Step and Body Attack
  • Austswim – Teacher of water safety



I have been training with Lorraine for close to three and a half years since the birth of my first daughter and I have never looked back. I received nothing but support to achieve my goals and now I am honoured to have been given this opportunity to work with someone who has a real passion for what she does. Although I’ve had success in my previous career I can now focus on something that makes a positive impact on myself and others.



  • Metafit Coach
  • MetaPWR Coach
  • Punchfit Boxing Coach






I am currently working in the security industry and have also had a number of years training in the Australian Defence Force. I’ve also received formal training in both Boxing and Taekwondo. I have always been passionate about fitness and surpassing my personal goals and always looking for a new challenge and really enjoy helping others to achieve their own goals.








Betty is a fun, enthusiastic instructor with over 20 years experience in Pilates teaching to all groups – from teenagers to seniors, dancers and athletes. Betty started practicing Pilates to overcome back pain and quickly realised how much she loved it and how effective it was. Betty was drawn to teaching it, inspiring her to share with others what had helped her so much.

Betty has also trained alongside Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths, giving her a greater understanding of the body, how it moves and how it injures. She can understand how difficult it can be to start a movement rehabilitation process and will always be sensitive to your needs.

Her passion and determination is hard to ignore and her overwhelming goal is to help people achieve their optimum strength and flexibility. She will challenge you, yet her classes and personal training sessions are creative, fun and cater for beginners and advanced students alike.


  • Cert IV in Pilates
  • Cert I & II in Kettlebells w/ Australian Kettlebells
  • Pilates for Pregnancy Course
  • Reformer Pilates Course
  • Training Older People Course
  • Nutrition w/ the Sports Dietician of Australia
  • Teacher of Food Technology and Health




Come along to the Leading Edge to see for yourself how you can achieve the results you want, in a no pressure, supportive environment.

No previous experience necessary for our classes and they are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. See our timetable for group sessions or read more about private sessions for individual training.