Stretch Therapy

Far more than just stretching! It is a safe, efficient and comprehensive system of stretching, strengthening, muscle repatterning and relaxing the body; it is safe and efficient and incorporates techniques to overcome neck and back pain as well as general overall muscle tightness.

Learn ways to prevent or overcome injury at work, home or at sport regardless of age or fitness level. You will learn to use a series of stretching and strengthening exercises, which effectively isolate all muscle groups.

If you are suffering from any of these conditions Stretch Therapy will be of benefit to you:
– Lower Back Pain
– Neck Pain
– Tension Headaches
– Sciatica Pain (referred pain down the back of leg)
– Pain between the shoulder blades
– Pain / tightness in hips, buttocks, calves, hamstrings, thighs, shoulders or forearms
– General tightness from physical activity or computer work
– Frozen shoulder
– Tennis elbow

Stretch Therapy is incorporated into all of our classes. No previous experience necessary and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Group and private sessions available.

Our Stretch Therapy Classes are great to pair with Yoga or Pilates Classes to encourage long lean muscles and with Kettlebell Fitness Classes to encourage weight loss, body reshaping and overall fitness.