Learn proven and effective Boxing techniques in a small group.  Incorporating high intensity interval training methods these sessions are designed to motivate you, improve fitness and self confidence, burn maximum calories with an emphasis on toning and fat burning.

Our boxing classes are held either indoors, or can also be held outdoors when weather permits.

Benefits of Boxing Training:

  • Increases your¬†cardio fitness
  • Helps shed unwanted fat and lose centimetres
  • Reshapes your figure creating a sleek, toned body
  • Lose baby weight and unveil an even better pre baby body
  • Increases overall strength especially upper body and legs
  • Increased flexibility, joint mobility and bone density

Learn the correct technique in our small, personalised classes with close attention to detail, ensuring you get the most out of every workout. We also use a variety of fitness equipment to ensure you achieve your goals, making the training sessions both challenging and fun.

Modifications are made to allow progression from beginner to advanced level as your body conditioning increases. No previous experience necessary and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Group and private sessions available.



See our timetable for group sessions or read more about private sessions for individual personal training. Our Boxing Fitness Classes are great to pair with a Yoga or Pilates class to encourage long lean muscles and benefit from stretch recovery.