Tips to survive the silly season

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I would give you some ways that you can stay fit, healthy and happy before the man in the red suit comes to town.

Christmas and the weeks leading up to it can be a minefield when you are trying to lose or maintain weight.  Invitations to parties, drinks and BBQ’s abound and it can be easy to say ‘yes’ to everything (including second helpings and a bit too much wine).

So check out these tips to help you navigate your way through the hectic November/December period with your health and wellness goals in check.

  • Watch your portion sizes – we can tend to over-indulge when eating with large groups of people so keep that in the back of your mind
  • Eating out – try eating a very light starter before your main course – think a non-creamy soup or a salad without an oily dressing. You’ll find you will consume fewer calories at your main as these foods provide bulk without the excessive calories
  • Plan and prep your meals and snacks to prevent eating on the run and making the wrong choices
  • Always have healthy snacks on hand – some nuts, protein balls, protein shake, greek yoghurt
  • Stock the fridge with sparkling water and keep plenty of lemons and limes on hand to squeeze into it
  • Resist the urge to buy unhealthy desserts ‘because it’s Christmas’ – encourage the family to enjoy other treats like
  • In-season peaches, plums and mangoes in a healthy fruit salad with passionfruit on top and a little yoghurt
  • Plan for some nights off in the kitchen. Try cooking up some double batches of your favourite meals and freezing them for another night.
  • Prioritise your exercise – it’s a must if you want to improve your fitness.
  • Friends dropping round for afternoon tea? It doesn’t have to always be a sweet option – try vegetable sticks and hummus
  • Get swimsuit ready by tucking into foods that are known to reduce tummy bloat – think nuts, parsley, broccoli, apples and good fish oils
  • Need to get up and out of the house early? Try making your breakfast and lunch the night before. Then you can just get up and go!
  • If you find it hard to resist sweet treats after dinner, why not treat yourself to some portion controlled goodies such as the protein balls featured on the facebook page recently
  • Clean your teeth after a meal.. It will take away the taste of food and stops cravings.
  • Don’t let a bad day turn into a bad week – if you have a slip off remember that tomorrow is another day to get back on track
  • Planning a BBQ? It doesn’t have to be all sausages and chops. Try marinating chicken breasts or honey soy glazed salmon, both work well on the BBQ
  • Take it easy on the alcohol – try to alternate with water to keep yourself hydrated and in control
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