The Best Way to Get a Lean and Toned Figure

ladies-lifting-weights-wont-make-you-bulky-300pixI speak to many women who constantly shy away from weights, for fear of bulking up. Well guess what?! The BEST way to get a lean, sexy, toned figure is to incorporate weights. Not only can this fast track your body into a fat furnace by boosting metabolism, but it is possible to achieve your goals much quicker.

I have highlighted some of the top 3 ways to target specific areas, and use weights to tone up.

There is a hilarious youtube video of boys at the gym, ‘Do You Even Lift’, if you haven’t seen it, google it, you are in for a treat. But at it’s core, the message is true. Cardio alone will not help you achieve the body you want. Resistance training is a crucial part of staying lean and strong, as well as having & maintaining a conditioned bikini body.

So step away from the cardio for just a day or two per week, and try something new. Meet resistance training!

The great thing about resistance workouts is, all you need is yourself or a pair of weights. Yes, your body is a weight too when used the right way. If you want to get really creative, you can even use a heavy household item, such as a bag of rice etc…just make sure the weight is challenging yet safe.

Here are some of my favourite free weight moves for women. The two leg movements can also be done without weights anywhere you like, even outdoors! We use these moves plus many more in our Total Body Workout sessions to sculpt our bodies to achieve our goals.

Dreaming of a more lifted, toned bum? Some of us have the genes, but for the rest of us, there are actually very specific moves you can do to lift and boost your bum and hamstrings. Squats are one of the best, and can transform your physique entirely. By incorporating squats and adding even five lbs (3kg) to each hand while squatting, you are increasing the amount of work your muscles have to do. By increasing your resistance you are forcing your body to adapt by getting stronger and more toned. Try this move in 15 reps, three times, or 45 squats altogether. Feel the burn!

Another bum booster and overall leg toning move is the step up. This will work your thighs, while also lifting your glutes. The best part is all you need is a step! You can use a park bench, workout bench, taking two stairs at a time on a staircase, or even a ledge. Once you find your spot, try this move 24 reps (12 per leg), three times, or 72 total step ups.

It’s time to get the arms in check. This area can sometimes be tough to pinpoint, but I have a tip or two for you. The reason for the back of the arm, or tricep area is hard to hit is because there are actually multiple muscles here, all of them need to be worked on different angles. In order to attack that area we need to work on building up the muscle tone in the arms, shoulders and back. No, you are not going to look like Arnold after lifting just a few pounds/kilograms! Sculpted, confident, strong arms are easy to get with the right techniques. Try this arm exercise to get this problem area working by lifting a 6KG weight, 12 reps, three times through.

Now hop to it, and try out these moves. Doing 2-3 rounds of each move is all you need for the day! I would love to hear what you think. Keep pushing, and trying new things.


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