Summer Workout – Next Instalment…

Summer Workout – Next Instalment…

Ok, so I know a lot of you are still away on holidays and cant make our holiday classes.  So I’ve got your back here with another instalment of your summer workout plan. Go on, Get busy!!

10 Broad Jump Burpees

* This movement can be broken down into two separate exercises that are done in succession, a broad jump and then a burpee. Simply do one broad jump forward and then one burpee. Repeat this pattern in a controlled motion with good technique progressively getting faster as your confidence builds.

Broad Jump: In squat position (heels outside of shoulders and toes slightly pointed outward) lower down until your knees are almost at 90 degrees.

From the bottom, power up using your legs and propel yourself into a forward jump off of both feet, as far as possible.

Burpee: In your landing position from the broad jump, bend your hips and knees while leaning forward until your hands touch the ground.

Just as your hands make contact with the ground, jump both feet backwards away from your hands into push-up position.

From push-up position, reverse the process you just went through, jumping your feet back in towards your hands.

As your feet land, lift your hands off the ground moving back into squat position to start again.

30 X-hops (each jump = 1 rep)

In an upright standing position jump into the air and move into a lunge position.

Landing with your left leg forward in lunge position, lower almost all the way to the ground and power back up into the air.

In the air bring your legs back to a neutral position and land into a low squat.

Jump up out of the squat and in mid air move into the opposite lunge position with your right leg forward.

Landing in lunge position with your right leg forward lower almost to the floor, then power back up into the air.


15 Double Pulse Squat Jumps

Start in Squat position. This means your heels are at shoulder width and your turns are turned outward just a little bit.

Lower down into a squat, keeping your chest up, back straight and your knees pointing out toward your toes.

When you’ve reached the bottom of the squat (knees at 90 degrees or just below) raise up half way, then drop back down to the bottom of the squat, this is the “pulse”. Pulse twice then power up using your legs and jump yourself into the air.

Land again in squat position focusing on keeping your legs relaxed during the landing, not locked, and repeat.

24 Scissor Jumps (12 each side)

Start at the bottom of lunge position with your right leg forward and your back knee almost on the ground.

Raise up using your legs and jump into the air.

While in the air switch your legs, ready to land in lunge position again but with the opposite leg. Repeat this from side to side.

15 Split Pushups

Start in pushup position.

Staying on your hands, jump your feet out wide landing in a star or X position.

Jump your feet back in to push-up position while lowering yourself into a deep push-up.

Using your arms and chest power, back up to push-up position and repeat.

25 Half Burpees

Starting in push-up position jump your feet in towards you hands.

Keeping your hands firmly on the ground, land with your feet just outside your hands.

Jump your feet back returning to push-up position. Repeat.

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