NEW Metafit classes starting 12th August

metafit-logo-250pixAs you know, I am passionate about wanting to help other women and men on their fitness journey and show you that it is possible to get fit fast, and using a variety of workout methods along with healthy eating.

As of Tuesday 12th August, we will launch 30 minute METAFIT sessions in Laurimar, just in the lead up to Spring!

These classes have become so popular worldwide and we are the first to offer them in our area, Wow!!

These sessions are HIIT bodyweight circuits (High Intensity Interval Training) and are designed to burn fat and get quick results. Ideal for those of us who are time poor (who isn’t?) and want quick, effective workouts that you can add into your existing training schedule – these sessions are for you. New to exercise? No problem, beginners are most welcome.

We will start by offering Tuesday & Thursday 9:30am child friendly sessions. $5 come and try sessions will be offered in the first week. Please email me to reserve your place as spots are already filling fast.

Share the love guys and let all your friends and family know that they too can get the results.

Check out what others have to say about Metafit…

“Metafit has truly changed my life. Not only in terms of weight loss (6 kgs!) but also my energy levels and motivation to do more exercise.I am riding my bike for the first time in years and loving it. Metafit gave me the energy and the motivation to get off the couch!”

“I have buckets more energy to chase my three kids around and I am loving the new and improved version of me!”

“After my baby I started the gym at 6 weeks (to get out and about as well as fitness) but I didn’t change shape or size after 6 months. Then I discovered Metafit and after 2 sessions a week for 5 weeks – the same amount of time spent at the gym – today I am wearing my pre-baby work pants and they fit with no muffin top. There are no words to describe the feeling of your inner confidence returning in getting into your pre-baby clothes.”

“Metafit has done wonders for me. Not only have I managed to lose quite a few stubborn kg’s over the last few months, but I have become much stronger and fitter. It has helped with my running, and now find longer distances much easier, and I don’t avoid hills anymore either, as my “metafit legs” have much more stamina. Another positive side effect is also the great comments I receive from friends regarding the change in body shape. I LOVE Metafit!”

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