Client Profile: Emma

Emma-200pixI have been training with The Leading Edge for almost 3 years. I hadn’t heard of Kettlebell training before I met Lorraine through a work function. I was always a member of the gym and loved exercising and thought I was quite fit. However after my first class, I realised I was not as fit as I thought and there was so much more to a full body workout that was more beneficial for my overall health.

I was addicted after the first class!!

I stopped for a period of 5 months last year to focus on my running. In that time I started seeing the changes in my body. Yes I was staying fit with running however, I was not as fit, not as toned and I didn’t feel as good as I did when putting Kettlebell training into my workouts.

Kettlebell training however was the reason why I started running, because my fitness levels increased so quickly. In the training sessions we use muscles that I didn’t know I had, or needed to exercise and it’s a fantastic full body workout that helps you increase all levels of fitness.

I love the class atmosphere and the support from Lorraine, I have also made some great friends. I now know not to take kettlebells out of my weekly workouts. I still continue to run and do kettlebell classes and I love how healthy I feel.

– Emma

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