5 Simple Tips to Make Your Goals Stick

a goal without a plan is simply a wishHey, it’s March, can you believe it? You’ve already made headway in 2014 and no doubt you’re full steam ahead with those goals you set way back in January. Or are you? There is never a “right” time to set goals for yourself, in fact, we should be setting ourselves daily, weekly and monthly goals to keep us focused and on track. So how are they looking? Those little pockets of dreams and aspirations you’ve got swirling around in that beautiful mind of yours. If you’re feeling a little stagnant and are in need of a little motivation, then you just so happen to be in the right place. Check out these tips to make Active Living a part of your daily lifestyle and short-lived resolutions a thing of the past.

Come on, let’s make these goals happen! You ready?

Here are 5 simple tips to make your goals stick all year long:

1. Practice Compassion for Yourself.

Bring kind attention to yourself and what you’re aiming for. Understand that you may not be able to give 100% every single day and that’s ok. No human can be perfect all the time. Agree to do the best, to your best ability with each workout. Meet yourself, wherever you are that day, with kindness. You will be pleasantly surprised how much more successful you can be with this slight attitude adjustment.

2. Don’t Get Discouraged.

Agree you won’t let one bad day get in the way of you reaching your goals. If you fall down seven times, you will get up 8! Short term memory, big picture goal.

3. Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time.

Draw a pie chart that represents your daily energy spent and take notice if one category requires more energy. Is your energy dominated by work, problem-solving, stress over finances or taking care of your children? Pay particular attention to how much time is spent on self-care and personal wellbeing. If there’s a deficit in this category, it’s time to prioritize. Nothing else exists without good health and you cannot fully take care of others if you don’t take some time to take care of yourself. Health is wealth!

4. Make a Healthy “GO-TO” List.

Routines create consistency and consistency is an essential ingredient for reaching your goals. When you’ve hit a fork in the road, having “go-to” healthy habits will keep you on the right path. Here are some of my personal go-to lists to help me stay on track all year long:

Go-to nourishing meals that are satisfying and healthy.

Go-to healthy snacks on hand when I need to sustain energy until my next meal.

Go-to workouts that I know I get results from AND that make me feel good.

Go-to music playlist that gets me moving.

Go-to friends, family or support team to be there when I’m facing challenges.

Go-to grocery lists with healthy foods that I can make simple and delicious meals out of.

5. Aim to FEEL GOOD with Everything You Do!

Ditch the idea of dieting and exercising just to look good. Why? It’s a short-lived motivator that has no real staying power. Aim for workouts that make you feel good and have fun. Simply put, when you have fun and feel good, you will keep coming back to it. The bonus is, when your focus is on feeling good rather than simply looking good, Active Living naturally becomes your lifestyle.

When you’re having a hard day, remember: A GOAL WITHOUT A PLAN IS SIMPLY A WISH. I hope these tips help you create a plan to bring you a strong and healthy New Year.

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