4 Fat Loss Myths Slowing You Down!

Have you ever felt as if you are constantly exercising and dieting, yet see very little results at all? Unfortunately, this is very common among women, so you are not alone! One of my favourite quotes applies to this perfectly:

“You can pull a carriage as hard and fast as you can. But, if you’re pulling it in the wrong direction, you will never reach your destination.”

Although you may be working hard towards losing fat, working smart is the best approach. Losing fat is a science, but can be a very simple one! If you work smarter, you can reach your goals even faster, as many are discovering through my methods. To get you started on the right track, I have explained 4 fat loss myths that have become common “knowledge,” that will hopefully now be put to rest.

1. “It doesn’t matter when you train, or what you eat, so long as you eat enough and train hard.”

If you constantly change your diet and exercise regime, your body will always be trying to keep up. This can end up pushing your weight in all directions. Your body will lose fat easiest when it feels safe, so give it the love and care it needs! A weekly routine for exercise, and a stable nutrition plan is a game changer for fat loss.

2. “If you’re not seeing results, just eat less. Less calories means more fat loss”

Eating too much, is just as bad as not eating enough. SHOCKING! I know… But, by under-eating, you increase stress in your body, and actually stop your body from losing fat. You will feel exhausted because you are not fueling your body, and then become frustrated because you are training hard while seeing zero progress. And you never will with this approach! A planned meal regime is important, and can be the key to fat loss for you. So pile on the greens, and other nourishing foods to start burning more fat!

3. “Just do cardio. Weights will make you buff like a man.”

This is one of the most common myths out there! Each style of training such as: cardio, plyometrics, strength training, hypertrophy training, etc… will affect your body differently. If you only do cardio, you will not see the same muscle tone as someone who does resistance training with weights. Lifting weights can also increase your metabolism, turning you into a fat burning machine! My body is slim, toned, and strong because I mix training into a very specific regime. I most definitely lift weights, and if you want less body fat, I suggest you do as well.

4. “If I train everyday for 4 hours, I can get results faster.”

Training too much will have the same result as under eating, and leave you exhausted and frustrated. You cannot cheat your body, and by exercising harder, will not compensate for lack of a nutrition plan. If you train too much for the amount of food you eat, your body will essentially move to starvation mode, which can result in higher stress levels, more toxins AND less fat loss! The key is being consistent with both an exercise and diet plan to attack fat from all angles.

First, you need to erase the myths about fat loss I mentioned above. Ok? Great! Now we can work towards achieving body confidence. I have helped many people achieve their fitness dreams, and it is because of my core tips below. Let me help you too!

1. Be as consistent as possible. This doesn’t mean eating the same food everyday or training at the same time. It means eat a consistent amount of nutrients each day, and train a similar amount from week to week. This will put your body into a “safe” zone that tells it, “hey, it’s ok to shed some fat.” And that is what we want!

2. Eat enough food to power your workouts. If you exercise hard but are not getting results, something is wrong, and it might be your food intake. I can help you to jump start your fitness journey. Whether it’s a training style or nutrition planning, I can make sure the advice you get is correct. Don’t waste your time taking advice from people who aren’t qualified. We have a nutritionist we use to help in this regard.

3. Don’t be afraid to lift. Cardio is an amazing form of fat loss exercise, but if you also incorporate resistance training you can tone your muscles better, and faster. Put the two together and you have the ultimate fat loss training program. Give it a try!

4. Don’t train too much. Set a reasonable training amount from week to week, and stick to it! If you aren’t getting results after a few weeks, we need to reassess. Don’t just train more because you think more exercise = more calories burned = more fat loss. This is wrong, and will create higher stress levels in your body. Trust your body by giving it time, and patience.

Are you confused about how to achieve the body you want? Do you have questions like:

  • “What sort of cardio is best, and most effective?”
  • “How much do I eat, and what should I be eating?”
  • “How does resistance training work, and what are the best techniques?”
  • “What types of stretching prevents injuries, and how often should I do it?”

Let me help you not only answer these questions, but also achieve the body of your dreams!

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