If you are looking to increase fitness and lose weight – including your baby weight - then The Leading Edge is the fitness and nutrition provider for you!

We specialise in delivering fun, friendly and rewarding fitness classes ranging from Total Body Workouts, Boxing, Metafit and Super Circuits, to Yoga, Pilates, Mums & Bubs classes, as well as one-on-one Personal Training sessions, complemented by healthy diet and nutrition advice.

Based in Melbourne's outer northern suburbs, we service the Mernda, Doreen and surrounding areas, with our classes open to men and women of all ages. We also have a strong focus on providing women pre- and post-pregnancy with a program that supports you in achieving your individual goals, whether it be strengthening your back, core, arms and legs before baby arrives, or helping you regain your pre-baby body.

We pride ourselves on delivering sound and proven methods of training whilst providing caring customer service and believe that’s what sets us apart from other fitness providers. No matter what your fitness level, our small, non-intimidating group classes or individual sessions ensure you never face a large, overwhelming environment or are given military style drills!

We train in all the latest fitness methods to give you variety and the best chance of achieving your goals. Find out more about our Fitness, Kettlebells, Metafit and Boxing classes to whip you into shape.

The Leading Edge Programmes Will Help You:

- Be fitter with greater core strength and flexibility
- Reduce your weight and body fat
- Regain or improve your pre baby body
- Increase your health and wellbeing
- Build your confidence and self-esteem
- Look and feel better with much more energy

The team at Leading Edge are passionate about helping you achieve your goals and aim to inspire and motivate you to give it your best shot so you can reach your full potential.
There are no quick fixes that work long term; instead you'll learn to build a strong foundation of health and fitness that you can incorporate into everyday life. By setting goals together and regularly assessing your results, we ensure you are on track to achieving personal success. Making these changes doesn't have to be hard, by changing your thinking and directing your energy in to what you want, instead of what you don't want, you will succeed. It's all about you!

Lorraine Dennis
Founder and Head Trainer
The Leading Edge